DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks At Home

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks At Home

No matter how careful we are, accidents will happen unintentionally. Our carpets will suffer whether it is our fault or not. But you can make sure that the damage is done is the bare minimum. The best way to make sure is by employing the DIY cleaning tricks mentioned below that can help you deal with an urgent situation until you have the carpet cleaning services in Wanneroo reach your doorstep. 

Keep Basic Cleaning Essentials Handy

The first thing to know about carpet cleaning is the carpet cleaners you must have available at your disposal. There are different compounds used for the removal of different types of carpet stains. For example, in the case of wine spillage, you must only use club soda as a quick fix. If you have spilled juice on the surface of carpets, then you must use white distilled vinegar to clean the carpets. Ammonia is one of the carpet cleaning agents that help with a variety of stains and their removal. Thus, you must have the right combination for a carpet cleaning in Wanneroo that can give you the best carpet cleaning services.

Never Smudge The Stains

Another rule when you clean your carpets is to always blot and never rub the stains. If you rub, it can actually lead to destroying the carpets’ surface. You may even risk embedding the dirt and stain even deeper into the fibers of the carpets than before. So never take that risk intentionally or unintentionally. In haste, this is the first common mistake made by many people and it should be avoided, or else the carpet cleaning in Wanneroo must be called on an urgent basis for a quick fix to the mess. 

Be Careful In Removing Chewing Gum

Naughty kids in the house always create trouble for the homemakers. The worst part is having to deal with chewing gum stuck in the carpet fibers. So instead of getting all worked up and worried, get some ice cubes and apply them to the gum on the carpet for a minute or two. Once the gum gets frozen, you can remove it quickly and post that to teach your kids a lesson on why the carpets mustn’t be used as a playing spot. Sometimes the gum may not come off and the carpet fibers have to be cut to remove it. So before you do that, call upon the carpet cleaning services in Wanneroo who can offer the best opinion. 

Caution Before Cleaning Wax Stains

Planning that perfect candlelight dinner with mushy cushions and a blanket for a date night with your bae sounds fun. But having the arrangement done on the carpet can be risky. Hence, it is important to not panic if a puddle of wax falls onto the carpets. The best way through which you can clean the wax stain from the carpets is by melting it. All you need to do is place an old piece of cloth on the stain and iron it. In no time the stain will be removed.